A Frantic Love III: Hight Tension

A Frantic Love III: High Tension film poster

Directed by Gary Tucker | After her terrifying ordeal with her obsessive stalker, Justin, the headstrong Ebony seeks to reconstruct her life and regain her independence, something she hopes moving into a home of her own will help her accomplish. Her friends face struggles of their own as Tracy finds herself in hot water at her pharmacy job, and Shelia’s bond with her teenage daughter, Akilah, hits a rocky patch. Ebony throws herself into her restaurant work, but when a flirtatious relationship begins to build between Tracy and her coworker, Roman, and Shelia’s romance with her boyfriend, Derrick, continues to bloom, she can’t help but feel something, or someone, is missing from her own life. Her friends hope she might be able to find that someone at an upcoming Christmas party they are hosting, and Ebony, despite the fact her invitation to the party mysteriously went missing, reluctantly agrees to attend. Besides, it’s not like Justin could possibly know about the party – Right.