Director: Aaron Spells | Criminal Defense Lawyer, Trust Shakur, takes the day to celebrate his younger brother, Ace’s birthday and his growth in becoming his own man. Despite his blunt outer layer, Ace plans to follow in his brother’s footsteps by becoming a lawyer and has taken the necessary steps to do so. He excels in his studies, evident from the plethora of scholarships from top schools in the country, and takes pride in expanding his personal knowledge of African-American history. To extend an extra incentive for Ace to retain their shared vision during the next leg of his studies, Trust takes him to see the foundation of what they’re trying to build. On the trip home, the brothers’ are faced with the dark reality of how stereotyping truly perpetuates systematic racism and breeds specific injustices in Vice City, the U.S., and the world. Trust tries to use his knowledge of the legal system to negotiate with the biased officer, but Ace’s refusal to back down from his valid beliefs threatens the cop enough for him to make the fatal decision that leads to a predictable outcome. After the legal system fails him for the first time, fueled by his anger and taste for revenge, Trust hones his emotions to take on a new perspective of justice that dismantles the one in place from the inside out.