White Tears

White Tears film poster

Directed by Tommy Franklin | Based on a true story, WHITE TEARS is a surreal dark comedy and adventure fantasy. Our victim and hopeful hero, Cedric, has a seemingly casual romantic rendezvous with a woman he met while traveling. Shortly after their meetup, the woman’s White Tears send Cedric’s whole being and world into a state of horror! He eventually snaps out of his shock and into an epiphany that sets him on a quest he masterminds to cure and unburden his people of the White Tears Epidemic™️, otherwise known as white liberal guilt. Cedric might not save the world, but he damn well tries by bending science as we know it and defying the dangers of White Tears Radiation™️. Can White Tears be eradicated? Cedric thinks he’s the one for the job, and the idea of a world full of black love, joy, and uninterrupted Black excellence sees him through to the final destination.